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eurodisc® Ultimate disc "Nightglow 175g - green"

eurodisc® Ultimate disc "Nightglow 175g - green"

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Eurodisc 175g Nightglow Ultimate Disc

Play at night, No batteries needed

  • Great Ultimate 175g Competition Flying Disc, flies stable over 100 meter, glows bright and long in the dark
  • Made of 100% renewable resources
  • weight 175g, diameter 27.5cm, WFDF Championship approved
  • approved disc for competition and leisure sports, for those who want to have  fun throwing a disc over long distances with different throwing techniques


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    • Sustainable Ultimate discs - 100% Organic

    • Recognized competition Ultimate and Disc Golf discs

    • Completely recyclable Ultimate discs

    Top quality and best design options. Our UV photo printing

    With modern UV photo printing, we print logos, photos or advertising messages on the eurodisc®.

    Whether a single disc as a birthday present, a bulk order for events and events or a custom Ultimate disc for schools and clubs, our UV photo print delivers brilliant colors and robust results in top quality.

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