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Michigan Themed 175g Ultimate Disc

Michigan Themed 175g Ultimate Disc

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The eurodisc® 175g Organic Ultimate Disc made of BIO plastic is one of the best discs for the sport of Ultimate.

Both in competitive and casual play, it impresses with its high quality standard and outstanding flight characteristics .

Weight: 175g
Diameter: 10.82"

  • WFDF Approved & competition disc of the German and the European Frisbee Sports Association
  • 100% Organic from renewable raw materials
  • Sustainable packaging
  • No use of fossil oil
  • Completely recyclable
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  • Sustainable Ultimate discs - 100% Organic

  • Recognized competition Ultimate and Disc Golf discs

  • Completely recyclable Ultimate discs

Top quality and best design options. Our UV photo printing

With modern UV photo printing, we print logos, photos or advertising messages on the eurodisc®.

Whether a single disc as a birthday present, a bulk order for events and events or a custom Ultimate disc for schools and clubs, our UV photo print delivers brilliant colors and robust results in top quality.

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