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With enormously high athletic performances, referees are not used even in national leagues and at world championships.
It is not for no reason that Ultimate Frisbee is considered the fairest team sport in the world.

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In woods or parks, disc golf is a sport everyone can enjoy. Shop our collection of discs and get started or add a new tool to your bag.

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eurodisc® Organic

The first organic Ultimate disc for competitive and casual play.

Approved by the World Flying Disc Federation for every level of play.

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  • Eco-Friendly

    Made from 100% Organic Materials, eurodisc® Organic is the first Ultimate disc approved at the championship level by the World Flying Disc Federation.

  • USA Custom Printed

    Eurodisc US is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Eurodisc US is ready to put your custom design onto these great discs.

  • Rapid Fulfillment

    eurodisc® has already spread all over Europe for casual play and elite competition. We are confident you will love our product as well!

  • Order Variety

    With no minimum order, our mix and match policy allows you to get any number of different designs and disc colors in the same order.

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