Founded by Thomas Napieralski in 2003, eurodisc's® goal is to spread the love of disc sports while pressing the boundaries of sustainability in their products. Eurodisc is committed to putting discs into the hands of youth and veterans alike.


A special highlight in our eurodisc® range are our ultimate sport flying discs made of bio-plastic. Since 2017 they are championship level approved by USA Ultimate. Driven by the idea that disappearing disc golf discs should eventually dissolve by themselves in nature, i.e. be biodegradable, we started to look into the topic of bio-plastics. A few years of perseverance were needed to test the different approaches and find the proper materials.

Thomas Napieralski

It all started out of the conviction to get to know the fairest team sport in the world and to spread it. – Founder Thomas Napieralski

Fair play is the motto that opponents treat with friendship and respect, not "victory at any price", but the recognition of what is better and compliance with the rules are the focus of the ultimate sport, the Ultimate Frisbee. The self-managed team game gets by without a referee at the highest level of performance. This is a real challenge for all players and therefore unique in the world of sport.


US Marketing Manager


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